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Meridian Wellbeing Hypnotherapy

... to achieve lasting change

Online or In-Person Sessions - Based in Stirling

Online Sessions UK Wide

Make the changes you want to make, to live the life you want to live.

I offer a tailored approach, suitable for your individual needs, ensuring a friendly, comfortable and confidential experience. 

A blend of therapeutic approaches are utilised to enhance the hypnotic experience and results achievable, drawing on the best of

Life Coaching and Counselling techniques, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Mindfulness Techniques and Cognitive Psychology. 

We all have basic emotional needs required to optimise our wellbeing and performance, recognised within the following broad categories:

  • To feel safe, stability, nurtured and accepted.
  • To have some autonomy, to feel competent and to have a sense of identity.
  • To have the freedom to express our own needs and emotions.
  • To be able to act spontaneously and to play (have fun).
  • To live within realistic limits, which help to apply self-control.
Therapeutic support can help us to access the resources and strategies required to better identify and meet these needs.

Coronavirus COVID 19 Update:

 ***Tier 4 Restrictions: ***

All sessions will be held online on Zoom during Tier 4 restrictions

FREE "Lockdown Wellbeing Pack" with Relaxation & Stress Relieving Resources

Feeling overwhelmed? Try these free resources including free MP3 self-hypnosis downloads and you can try a very effective energy psychotherapy called Thought Field Therapy, which can really help release those anxious feelings.

ONLINE SESSIONS on Zoom is easy to set up on a pc or mobile phone, and is generally just as effective as a face-to-face session. Call, text, email or message me to arrange. Payment is by PayPal payment request.

Advantages of online sessions: No travel expenses or time, attend the session from your home, flexible dates/times.


If you would prefer, I can record for you a bespoke MP3 session to help you address any issue. You can then listen to this regularly and repeatedly to install the desired changes from the inside out.

I can offer In-Person face-to-face sessions in Tier 3 or below. I will continue to offer Zoom sessions permanently for clients for whom this is their preferred option.

I have a perspex screen to maintain appropriate social distancing, with hand sanitiser and sanitising spray.  I wear a face mask. Clients also wear a face mask, unless exempt  (these can be provided). 

Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Achieving a healthy work-life balance bridging personal, professional and family roles and responsibilities is central to individual wellbeing. With variability in work patterns becoming the norm, flexible working, home offices, online meetings, and conference calls have become common place. The distinction between personal and professional wellbeing and performance is dissolving. As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist I recognise that the demands of work have an impact on our private lives, just as our health and personal wellbeing impact our performance at work.

Job roles are more flexible, careers are no longer linear, and learning is lifelong. Our roles overlap, we can be simultaneously employees, bosses, owners, parents, family members, volunteers, carers and senior citizens ever developing our life long capacities as: successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors, as our children and young people now learn in school as they prepare for their futures.

Into every situation, relationship and circumstance we bring our own unique set of talents, beliefs, expectations, experiences, traumas, fears, motivators, perspectives, preferences, personality and purpose. In modern day life, workplace and personal wellbeing, health, development, potential, resilience, motivation and performance are mutually inclusive, and our development as individuals must reflect this to achieve the greatest positive impact.

Weight Loss, unhelpful behaviour cessation, Anxiety, Stress, Phobias (Heights, Flying, Spiders etc.), Performance & Confidence, Pain Management, Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding etc.), IBS, Children's Issues (Bed Wetting, Confidence, Thumb Sucking), Insomnia...


(In-Person or online with Zoom) 

Stirling Clinic:

57 Caltrop Place, Stirling FK7 7XS

Free 20 min Consultation or Appointment

call, text or email Vicky McLeod on 07859 063834

email on [email protected]

Also at Dunipace, Denny:

(Wednesdays pm by appointment only)

Treatment Room within Aileen's Hair Salon, 212A Stirling Street FK6 6JR (01324 822902) offers convenience for Denny & Dunipace clients.

Stress Relief and Relaxation MP3 Download

Take some time out to relax comfortably and enjoy a recharging virtual session. This brief session helps the listener to experience and practice reaching deep levels of relaxation and clarity,

by quieting your mind to achieve peaceful calm. It provides a good foundation in preparation for those considering undertaking hypnotherapy to address personal issues.

*Individual responses to hypnotherapy will vary, and results cannot be guaranteed. Results will vary from person to person.

What Happens during Hypnosis? 

Using hypnosis, a deep level of relaxation can be achieved in which our mind is more open to receiving positive suggestions, providing effective ways to help us achieve our desired outcomes, and eliminate unhelpful beliefs that hold us back. 

(adapted from 'Doctor: What's the Alternative, by H Jones, credit:

FREE Consultation A free 20 minute telephone consultation is available to clarify the suitability of hypnotherapy to meet your therapy goals. Should you decide to proceed, this can be followed by your first hypnotherapy session at that time or a later date.

Depending upon the issue, some clients achieve their desired outcome in 1-4 sessions, while some issues may require more, typically 5-10 sessions. Many clients find it beneficial to maintain results by returning every 4 weeks or so. I work in partnership with clients to ensure sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

**It would not be realistic for me to make guarantees with hypnotherapy. Results vary from individual to individual. Each client is unique and responds accordingly and will achieve the outcome in their own way with collaboration from me. Though I can offer an evidence base for the efficacy of interventions used in this field, I cannot guarantee a client of success or of achieving absolutely what they wish, though I aim to do so as best I can.